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As a Business, How Can We Make a Difference in Someone’s Life?

Updated: May 3, 2021

If you think about it, if you have such an influence that you change someone’s life, there has to be various levels of life change. Because, changing a life is not necessarily saving a life. Although it could.

As an example, EssentialRx™ may be a company, but we are humans. The founder knew at the inception of the company that we had to bring a certain value or values that positively differentiate from the other leaders who advertise on TV and cable.

If EssentialRx™ can save anyone money on their prescriptions and in addition know that EssentialRx recognizes them and respects them, then that person’s life has been changed - in a seemingly small way on the surface, but saving money over a period of a year and multiple years adds up and that money saved could make significant difference in someone’s life and the money save can be used to make their lives better.

So, EssentialRx™ is trying to do its part in changing people’s lives by saving them money over a lifetime in addition to our positive messaging. If more companies did this in their own small way to support people far and above the service, would that not change our world in an incredible way?

When a company is built on affordable value and value as in supporting everyone and the under-served, and as in respecting and acknowledging everyone and the under-served, it goes a long way in making the world a better and more happy place.

Imagine how many people’s lives could be changed, even slightly, if all companies changed their messaging of support, instead of just selling. That could change the world.

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