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EssentialRx™ - What Makes Us Different - II

Every successful business has competition. Every service has competition. EssentialRx™’s competitors are great companies comprised of great people whom we respect. EssentialRx™ provides very competitive prescription discounts as the companies that advertise on TV and Cable. What makes EssentialRx™ different? One of the main differences is that EssentalRx™ does not use an app – there is no app to download. All you have to do is save the free EssentialRx™ card to your smartphone as a photo to show the participating pharmacy. We do this to better provide accessibility to prescription discounts for our members who may be blind or visually impaired. And, for those who may not be tech oriented.

Next, no ID is required to use the free EssentialRx™ prescription discount card. Since no ID is required, we do not know who you are. Your privacy and identity are 100% protected. You do not need to be a citizen of the USA to use our discount prescription coupon card. We love the Latino community and encourage you to spread the word about our free service. Lastly, EssentialRx™ is different by stating that even though we serve everyone over the age of 18, we are passionate about serving Women, All People of Color including the #blackcommunity, the #latinocommunity / #hispaniccommunity, the #lgbtqcommunity, #millennials and the #deaf, #blind and #visuallyimpaired We believe that it is critical to openly mention everyone we care about to show our #solidarity and unwavering support. We hope that you will use our free service and also share this message and please share our Instagram address: or @essentialrx.1 Website:

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All the best.

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