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Millennials Love EssentialRx™ and EssentialRx™ Loves Millennials

Updated: May 3, 2021

Millennials love EssentialRx™ because of our messaging and because no ID information is exchanged or collected. Apps are great, but how many apps do we really need? EssentialRx™ does not have your identification, so we do not and we cannot email market to you, we do not call you, we do not use cookies or any other tracking functions. We are only interested in providing you with a free service that has not only value, but a service that more aligns with your values.

The savings/discounts we provide are just as great as the discounts the companies who advertise on TV and cable provide. EssentialRx™ just gives consumers another choice. Please visit our website/landing page and try us out by left-clicking the virtual card located here: - then, save it as a photo on your smartphone, to show the pharmacy each time you purchase your prescriptions. Easy, convenient and safe.

We are grateful to have Millennials as members.

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